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Mayfair Green is a uniquely planned community located in Madison County, Mississippi. The 240 acre development consists of approximately 600 residential lots focused around an 8 acre multi purposed green space. Another large green space within the development will have a 15-20 acre lake stocked with large mouth bass and bream. This lake will be available exclusively for the residents in the development. While most developments leave small pockets of green space in unusable areas, Mayfair Green concentrates masses of green space that offer multiple recreational opportunities for all residents.

The proposed master plan has been designed in a manner that allows the sidewalks, combined with an interconnected street system, easy access to the community green spaces as well as to the adjacent Madison Crossing elementary school. Having a school in such close proximity is a benefit to the community allowing kids to bring back the long lost activity of "walking to school". With childhood obesity at its highest and a society becoming more health conscious, physical activities are being sought after throughout communities.

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Aerial North View
North View
Aerial East View
East View
Aerial South View
South View
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West View

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